Toneelhuis, Benjamin Verdonck

Since the beginning of 2015 Benjamin Verdonck has been weaving a web of projects under the title EVEN I MUST UNDERSTAND IT. Some of the projects take the form of a show and some the form of a talk, an exhibition or an installation in the public space. One form engenders the next. 

So on the repertoire we now have: three mobile table theatres ‒ one more thingGille leert lezen (Gille learns to read); and SONG. In the public space in Rotterdam work is under way to submerge a garage, and in Den Bosch Benjamin Verdonck is creating a boat in a tree.

 At the Speelscholeke (primary school) in Deurne, the project about Milton Friedman’s pencil continues. And then there’s an exhibition of various collections and a couple of image-lowering little shops in the crypts of the Bourla…


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