Friedmans potlood


Benjamin Verdonck, Toneelhuis

“I have spent six months since January of this year

working at a school in deurne

the reason for my being there is

a short film in which the economist milton friedman uses a pencil

to explain how the mechanism of the free market works

hthe graphite comes from south africa,

the wood from west america,

the aluminium from china,

the paint from india

the eraser from the netherlands

and driven by an invisible hand called competition,

all those people

work together on that pencil

so that you can buy it at the best price

and contribute to harmony and world peace

I asked the schoolchildren

if they would like to help me with my plan

to bring back all the parts of the pencil

to their respective places of origin

so as to

lay something to rest

but equally

to prepare the way for something new”


  • Benjamin Verdonck


  • Toneelhuis

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  1. Friday 1 January 2016 — 1h00 — ’t Speelscholeke, Deurne

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