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Het geheime experimentele observatorium voor wereldaangelegenheden


Toneelhuis, Benjamin Verdonck

As part of the International Festival Mladi Levi ( Ljubljana, Slovenia), Benjamin Verdonck is concocting new actions together Maria Lucia Correia under the title the secret experimental laboratory for global matters.

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia is an artist at the crossroads of visual arts, performance, interventions and environmental issues. She develops methods of participatory action, considering the potentials for paradigm change. Benjamin Verdonck will be Mladi levi’s guest for the third time. The foundation of his theatre projects, public space interventions and publications is the exploration of the modes of operation that can provide ways out of hyper-production and incessant mobility.

Cruz Correia and Verdonck will set up their headquarters in Ljubljana, lay down the blueprint of their mutual endeavour and then execute a daily artistic action for four days, presenting it to the festival audience each evening. They operate on the premise that change is possible, that even micro-change and mini-gestures matter, and that it is essential to think about what comes next, not only what is.

Glimpses of the future without apocalyptic baggage.

They took place from 22 to 28 August 2016 in Ljubljana (SL).


  • Benjamin Verdonck


  • Toneelhuis

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  1. Monday 22 August 2016 — 2h00 — Ljubljana Festival, Ljubljana

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