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Toneelhuis, Benjamin Verdonck

Suddenly a nest appears. And underneath the nest traces of animal habitation. Which bird built this nest? And where is he now?

"Against the Permeke library on the De Coninckplein

hangs the nest of a bird

my friend thinks it belongs to a wren

though they don’t usually build nests around this time of the year

in Requiem for a Species Clive Hamilton wrote

if you have your head in the oven and your feet in the freezer your average temperature may be unchanged but you are still pretty uncomfortable

I was reminded of this when looking at this trifling little nest."

- Benjamin Verdonck

nest is part of EVEN I MUST UNDERSTAND IT, a new action cycle in the public space.

"With my work I want to punch holes in the 'reality’ to which we seem to be subjected because we think it is fundamentally unchanged. I start from images or situations which I rebuild into an artwork, into a temporary monument or wry joke. I see my work as an instrument, a tool to engineer something, in this case a social sculpture: the fact that people come together, talk, have opinions and disagree, raises the question: what shall we do?".

Benjamin Verdonck (1972) lives and works in Antwerp. He is an actor, theatre-maker, writer and visual artist. He makes shows which are a cross between performance and theatre, both for the regular auditorium and for the urban public space. In 2009 he made Calendar, 365 days of actions in Antwerp: a dead sparrow, a pink ball on the head of a man on a horse, a paper castle for people without papers, an apple and an egg at the Museum of Fine Arts, white billboards, three pitiful kings, a big cake, and so on.


  • Benjamin Verdonck


  • Toneelhuis

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There are no upcoming activities for this event.

  1. Thursday 5 November 2015 — 1h00 — Permekebibliotheek, Antwerpen
  2. Thursday 19 November 2015 — 1h00 — Annie Gentils Gallery, Antwerpen, Antwerpen
  3. Monday 23 November 2015 — 1h00 — Klimaatparcours, Gent

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