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Toneelhuis suspends all performances in the Bourla until 30 April 2020

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Dance 25 April — 20U00 — Bourlazolder, Antwerpen


Kaori Ishiguro / Anton Lambert


Theatre At Toneelhuis and On tour

hi Baubo,

"I associate Baubo with creative, erotic darkness. With blood, Earth and the Moon. She is a figure who connects female sexuality with ecology, psychedelia and resounding laughter.”
– Hannah De Meyer 

Theatre At Toneelhuis and On tour

Het Huwelijk

After Yvonne, Prinses van Bourgondië Tibaldus is tackling a second play by Witold Gombrowicz: Het Huwelijk (The Marriage, 1947). Thus making the two flow into, collide and resonate with one another.

Theatre At Toneelhuis and On tour


Lisaboa Houbrechts is putting the Lauwers-Barkey family, a real family, on stage to in order portray the canonical Hamlet family. In doing so, she is attempting to penetrate the essence of this primal tragedy.

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