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Première Dagboek van een leeg bed

Today at Toneelhuis


This thrird edition is part of the festival L’Afrique c’est chic and is curated by Youth In Action. The evening will be a mix of music, dance, poetry, theatre and comedy. Well-known African gospel artists have signed up. Expect to go on a journey through countries like Ghana, Angola, Nigeria and Congo.

P.U.L.S. in Paris

From 9 to 18 October, three P.U.L.S. artists will be guests at la Bastille. Timeau De Keyser is presenting Het Huwelijk (Toneelhuis & Tibaldus), Hannah De Meyer is performing new skin (Toneelhuis) and Bosse Provoost is putting on Matisklo (Toneelhuis & Kraagsteen). On 12 October, a Conversation autour de P.U.L.S. is scheduled: the P.U.L.S. makers and Guy Cassiers will have converse with audience about the scope of the project. Later this season, Lisaboa Houbrechts will be performing Bruegel in Paris (at La Villette, March 2020) and Hamlet (at MC93, April 2020). 


“Sartre presents a Freud whose research was driven just as much by his own inner conflicts as by those of his patients. He developed psychoanalysis not only for his patients, but also in order to heal himself.” - Ivo van Hove (ITA)

From 20 to 30 November at Toneelhuis


Theatre At Toneelhuis


What inspires the new generation of Antwerp citizens? In I Hate Mondays young artists from the city take to the stage and invite along their heroes: musicians, speakers, thinkers and makers. 
Each edition is curated by a different group.

Theatre At Toneelhuis and On tour

Het Huwelijk

After Yvonne, Prinses van Bourgondië Tibaldus is tackling a second play by Witold Gombrowicz: Het Huwelijk (The Marriage, 1947). Thus making the two flow into, collide and resonate with one another.

Theatre At Toneelhuis and On tour

Dagboek van een leeg bed

"The starting point is the story of my own life, shich began in Baghdad and brought me to Belgium. But I'm not doing a documentary about my life and I don't comment on political situations. I'm making a journey through the metaphors of the Arabic language, which is my mother tongue." - Mokhallad Rasem 

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