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Toneelhuis suspends all performances in the Bourla until 30 April 2020

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Coming soon at Toneelhuis

Dance 25 April — 20U00 — Bourlazolder, Antwerpen


Kaori Ishiguro / Anton Lambert


Theatre At Toneelhuis and On tour

hi Baubo,

"I associate Baubo with creative, erotic darkness. With blood, Earth and the Moon. She is a figure who connects female sexuality with ecology, psychedelia and resounding laughter.”
– Hannah De Meyer 

Theatre At Toneelhuis and On tour


Lisaboa Houbrechts is putting the Lauwers-Barkey family, a real family, on stage to in order portray the canonical Hamlet family. In doing so, she is attempting to penetrate the essence of this primal tragedy.

Theatre At Toneelhuis and On tour


Dulle Griet takes you on a trip through time. A kaleidoscopic portrait of Pieter Bruegel the Elder and the era in which he painted her. 

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