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Première 6 December 2019

Today at Toneelhuis

Theatre 22 November — 20U00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerp


Ivo van Hove

Angels in America

"An ode to the capacity of people to transform  and survive. An expression of hope that a society can change course and evolve (..). But most of all, it is a plea for the strength and comfort that comes with love." - Tom Dewispelaere & Stijn Van Opstal. On tour until 22 February 2020


Theatre At Toneelhuis and On tour

De verse tijd

Mokhallad Rasem and Kuno Bakker present nine miniature dramas. 

Theatre At Toneelhuis and On tour


(generally translated as the deep connection you feel when walking alone in the forest, this
word also stands for a feeling of insecurity in a dark and unpredictable space)

Theatre On tour

La nieta del señor Linh

Mister Linh flees his war-ravaged country in search of a better future for his granddaughter. Mister Linh doesn’t feel at home in the foreign land where he finds himself, until one day he meets mister Bark.

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