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AREN - untill 19 Januari at Bourla

Today at Toneelhuis

Theatre 18 January — 20U00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerp


Benjamin Verdonck

introduction at 19.15 at De Verdieping


Policeman Lucien Cordien, transforms from ‘weakling’ into killing machine. A subversive criticism of the myth of a smoothly-running society. A collaboration between Guy Cassiers and LAZARUS!


Theatre 30 June 2015 t/m 19 January 2019

Le sec et l’humide

In his small-scale project Le sec et l’humide, Guy Cassiers takes a closer look at the theme he explored in his impressive production De welwillenden (2016) after Jonathan Littell’s novel, The Kindly Ones.

Guided tour 22 October 2016 t/m 23 March 2019


Toneelhuis offers you a peek behind the scenes with pleasure. Take a guided tour of the Bourla and find out everything about the building’s history and its historic theatrical constructions.

Theatre 10 January 2019 t/m 31 March 2019


"Why create a work of art when dreaming about it is so much sweeter?"  - Il Decameron, Pasolini

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