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I Silenti

Fabrizio Cassol recomposed Monteverdi’s madrigals for the Roma musician Tcha Limberger as a homage to everyone who has been silenced. 29 & 30 June at the Bourla.

Wereldtournee in Antwerpen

For a year Benjamin Verdonck will be out and about in Antwerp with small-scale and mobile work that pops up at all sorts of places and occasions, unannounced, in the wake of its maker. Follow him here on his tour.

The Sheep Song

A modern parable about our fear of and attraction to change in our lives. FC Bergmans' latest creation to be seen on The Holland Ferstival en Festival d'Avignon.

 Antigone à Molenbeek + Tirésias

In Paris the rehearsals have started for the French version of Antigone in Molenbeek + Tiresias. Premiere 11 June at the festival Les nuits de Fourvière (Lyon).

Today at Toneelhuis