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Timeau De Keyser

Timeau De Keyser (b. 1988) graduated in 2011 from the School of Arts Ghent |KASK

Ghent. Together with Hans Mortelmans and Simon De Winne, he founded Tibaldus. After a series of rather abstract productions, such as Paard: een opera, Tibaldus developed a renewed interest in the aspects of ‘acting’ and went back to placing the focus on ‘the actor’. In the work of the Polish author Wiltold Gombrowicz, the company found the right material for developing their (acting) style further, which resulted in two brilliant productions: Yvonne, Prinses van Bourgondië and Het Huwelijk. “The acting must be earnest in order for it to be acting!”

Timeau De Keyser also works as a film director; his first feature film, Etangs Noirs (codirected with Pieter Dumoulin) came out in the spring of 2019.

With Tibaldus, Timeau De Keyser made the impressive Paard: een opera (2010), and, in collaboration with Theater Stap, 4:3 (2012). Shortly thereafter came Persona (2013). After these first productions, which were more abstract, in the last few years there has been a renewed interest in ‘acting’, and the focus is now on ‘the actor’ again. In the work of the Polish author Witold Gombrowicz, Tibaldus found the right material for further developing their style. In September 2016 their staging of Gombrowicz’s Yvonne premiered in the Bourla theatre. “The combination of Gombrowicz’s Yvonne, Prinses van Bourgondië is a match made in heaven, both for the performers and the spectators,” said Jasper Delbecke in Etcetera. During Love at First Sight II, Tibaldus presented texts by Hans Mortelmans in the installation Nooit Opgevoerd Toneel. In the third edition of that festival the company presented Het Huwelijk, another play by Gombrowicz.

In addition to making theatre, Timeau De Keyser directs films. He made his first short film, De Reconstructie, together with Pieter Dumoulin in 2015, and in the course of 2018 the duo will be launching the feature Etangs Noirs.

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