MCBTH over de taalgrenzen heen: te gast in Théâtre National, Brussel.

« Ce MCBTH est un grand moment, dépouillé et baroque, sur la face obscure de l’être humain.” – Guy Duplat in La Libre Belgique, 28.09.2013
La Libre Belgique was bijzonder lovend voor de nieuwe voorstelling van Guy Cassiers.

From the Flemish press:
“Tom Dewispelaere is unparalleled as Macbeth. The further he sinks into madness, the more the music takes over.” – Wietske Vos in De Morgen, 30.09.2013
“A visual poem.” – Wouter Hillaert in De Standaard, 30.09.2013

Last week brought five performances of MCBTH in a jam-packed Théâtre National in Strasbourg in France. All this week’s performances in the Bourla in Antwerp are sold out too. The production will be on tour in Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels, France and the Netherlands from October 18th to December 19th.

Toneelhuis makes a point of building bridges between the language boundaries. As of this season, Kaaitheater and the Théâtre National de Belgique are co-presenters of Toneelhuis productions in Brussels. MCBTH can be seen at the Théâtre National and in Tournai (as part of the NEXT international arts festival in the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai-Valenciennes Eurometropolis). This season Toneelhuis will also be staging three productions by the Théâtre National at the Bourla, surtitled in Dutch. These artistic exchanges are not a matter of course and are less frequent than you might expect in a bilingual country.   

Also interesting productions: