Chronique d'une ville épuisée

It's an example of solitude in the big city, well hidden behind the windows which are lit up at night. A young woman, played by Olivia Carrère, whom we see wake up, wash, eat, leave for work, return, all without saying a word. A dazed kind of solitude, made of conventional and jerky actions and the only lifebelt is the computer screen and an avatar in a virtual reality. But the lifebelt is suffocating, and little by little we see total loss of contact with reality.

In this almost wordless show, where Fabrice Murgia marvellously flouts the frontiers between theatre and video, it's an exploration of the relationship with solitude and private life which the "new media" and networks have established and which are only "social" in name. The way they insidiously colonise our existence without relieving us in any way of the burden of solitude. Orchestrated by Yannick Franck's intoxicating music, this descent into unreality is a hypnotic trip where music, videos, lighting accompany in an increasingly intrusive way the overheating machine which is the woman. A powerful and moving show, stunningly beautiful, which underlines Fabrice Murgia's talent and the searing intensity of his particular universe.

Writer and director: Fabrice Murgia/Cie Artara | Performer : Olivia Carrère | Assistant: Christelle Alexandre | Trainee: Camille Sansterre | Video: Arié Van Egmond | Camera: Xavier Lucy | Continuity: Lou Van Egmond | Video director : Giacinto Caponio | Lighting design: Pierre Clément | Lighting director: Ludovic Desclin | Stage design: Vincent Lemaire | Decor: Anne Goldschmidt, Marc-Philippe Guérig and Anne Humblet | Music: Yannick Franck | Sound director: Simon Pirson | Stage manager: Romain Gueudré | Machinery: José Bardio and Thomas Noël | Scenery: Théâtre National/Brussels workshops Avatar costume design: Sabrina Harri | Secondary roles: Christelle Alexandre, Romain Gueudré and Albane Carrère | Coproduction: Théâtre National/Brussels, Theater Antigone/ Courtrai, Festival de Liège, Maison de la culture de Tournai, CECN | Written with the support of the Comité Mixte CWB/Chartreuse de Villeneuve-lez-Avignon / A Lettres du MCF promotion| © Cici Olsson | RUNNING TIME: 1 hour. Fabrice Murgia is an associate artist at the Théâtre National/Brussels.

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  1. Tuesday 11 March 2014 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen
  2. Wednesday 12 March 2014 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen

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