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Bosse Provoost

Bosse Provoost (b. 1993) graduated with a Master’s in Drama from the School of Arts Ghent|KASK Ghent. In his work, he radically opts for ‘a theatre of sensory under-stimulation’, creating compositions of shifting light and atmospheres, silences and semi-human seeming figures. Examples of this are Herberg, which took place at sunset beneath a highway crossover, far removed from the audience, and Moore Bacon!, which he made together with Kobe Chielens. With the recent Matisklo, based on the poems of Paul Celan, Bosse Provoost sought out the limits of the expressible and visualizable.

Provoost's productions are “compositions of shifting light, silences, rhythmical fiddling and half-human figures”. Herberg (2015) was performed at sunset beneath a highway crossover, far away from the audience. In Moore Bacon! (2015), made together with Kobe Chielens, a radical game of “sensory understimulation” with the minimum of light in a pitch-dark space caused the spectator to perceive impossible images. The show, which toured in Belgium and the Netherlands, won the Jong Theaterprijs (Young Theater Prize) at Theater Aan Zee (BE) and Het Debuut (The Debut) award at the ITs Festival Amsterdam. In 2017, Bosse made The Act of Dying with the collective de polen, in which three performers play a game of death and resurrection. In season 2018-2019 Bosse Provoost created Matisklo, a show that stages the poems of Paul Celan in juxtaposition with the radical, ‘person encompassing’ costumes of Max Pairon.

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