Young Firebrands and experiment at Kambala

Toneelhuis provides a space for young/new theatre makers! 
All sorts of things are in the works this month at Kambala, Toneelhuis’s second platform on the Eilandje.

In the first Atelier of this season, Rosie Sommers and Micha Goldberg are rehearsing German Staatstheater with a cast of thirteen. We are opening the rehearsal doors to the public twice in October; the final result will appear at the Bourla in February.
During the 8th edition of Love at first Sight, Toneelhuis is presenting three productions, and in doing so offering young makers possibilities for performing their work: FAGGOTS by Tibau Beirnaert and Laurens Aneca, Brokeback Shitshow by Louis Verlinde and Gina Beuk, and Kapsalon by Nathan Christiaensen, Mil Sinaeve and Haider Al Timimi.

For the first time, Toneelhuis is hosting WIPCOOP Antwerp, the Work in Progress Cooperative of Mestizo Arts Platform. A perfect opportunity to take a look at what’s brewing and developing in the performing arts! 

Werktoneel is our guest with Gruis / aan de twijfel, as part of the annual exchange with our municipal theatre colleague, NTGent. In the cast: Joeri Happel and Lucie Plasschaert, who previously could be seen in Vijand van het volk by Olympique Dramatique.
Kambala is located on the Eilandje in the north of the city, on the old docks of the Scheldt. In this former industrial building, Toneelhuis set up its set and costume workshop, rehearsal rooms and a new, small theatre. 

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