FRICTION rehearsals at Kambala

FRICTION rehearsals at Kambala

Hyper soap-opera therapy!

FRICTION is a show that starts from the hypothesis that friction between people is disappearing. We associate friction with resistance, delay and conflict. In a capitalist environment we prefer a smooth-running situation. But we pay a price for that s smoothness, for it creates distance and therefore coldness between people.

Martina Calvo, Vincent Focquet, Anna Franziska Jäger, Sopia Rodriguez, Robert Steijn and Simon Van Schuylenbergh work in Kambala on this dance performance, with Meg Stuart as outside eye and music by Gäsper Piano. Premiere on 16 November at the Bourla.

Actor, dancer, choreographer Sophia Rodriguez (°1984) studied circus, dance and theatre in Venezuela (Universidad Experimental de las Artes), in Cuba (Cuban National Circus School) and in Switzerland (Accademia Teatro Dimitri). Her artistic work is strongly influenced by her lengthy record of workshops and interchanges with David Zambrano. 

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