The Littell Project

Toneelhuis, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Romaeuropa Festival, Istanbul Theatre Festival

The Littell Project was developed as a five-part project: it consists of a large scale theatre production (1) set up by Toneelhuis Antwerp in coproduction with Toneelgroep Amsterdam based on The Kindly Ones, and small-scale theatre production based on Le sec et l’humide (2) both by Jonathan Littell, and provided with in-depth context material in the form of a long-read (3), and a digital platform (4) which were the basis for an audience development project (5) set up together with the venues receiving The Kindly Ones.

The Kindly Ones / Le sec et l’humide

With The Littell Project Guy Cassiers took a new step in his artistic research into the history of Europe and more specifically into the mechanisms of power and destruction at work in Europe during the last century. Over the last two decades Cassiers has set his mark as a theatre director combining a special sensitivity for literary texts with the capacity to create highly visual and technologically advanced theatrical universes on the stage stimulating all of the spectator’s senses. His concern for a permanent historical awareness in today’s Europe, his fascination for the often intricate links between language and identity, and his curiosity for the impact of new technological research on the stage found a wonderful canvas in Jonathan Littell’s magnum opus, The Kindly Ones and his essay, Le sec et l’humide.    


Test of Civilisation

The idea behind the Test of Civilisation long-read is twofold. Taking the perspective of the perpetrator as its starting point – in the form of fifteen extreme anti-Jewish quotes – it outlines the most important stages in the history of Jewish persecution. The emphasis is on the historical facts, but also on the language mechanisms used to stigmatize, exclude, dehumanize and annihilate a particular group.


Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities is an intensive, participative arts-educational project. Final-year Journalism students of different European cities have created human portraits of those living in their city who have been exposed to exclusion in some way.



Toneelhuis/Bourlaschouwburg (BE), Toneelgroep Amsterdam/Stadschouwburg Amsterdam (NL), RomaEuropa (IT), Istanbul Theatre Festival (TR), Le Phénix Valenciennes (FR), Temporada Alta (ES), La Maison de la Culture d'Amiens (FR) collaborated on the project.


  • Toneelhuis
  • Toneelgroep Amsterdam
  • Romaeuropa Festival
  • Istanbul Theatre Festival

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