The Sheep Song at the 75th Festival d'Avignon!

This afternoon in Avignon, the programme for the 75th Festival d'Avignon was presented during the annual press conference, which was live-streamed. Festival director Olivier Py, fully supported by various French government authorities, made the case that the 75th edition of the festival will effectively take place from 5 to 25 July this year. A hopeful prospect! The festival will be organized in conformance with the corona measures, including testing, limited seating capacities, etc. FC Bergman will appear at the festival this year with The Sheep Song.

In The Sheep Song, FC Bergman tells about a being that is no longer satisfied with its lot. It feels that it has more within itself and is destined to lead a more glorious life than that of its fellows. A modern parable about our fear of and attraction to change in our lives. The tragedy of man as a fundamentally changing being.

The premiere of The Sheep Song was originally scheduled in the Bourla on January 14, 2021 but has now been moved up to Sunday May 9. The show will play in Avignon from July 16 to 25.

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