Het land Nod: 'een indrukwekkende belevenis'

Op 7 mei ging FC Bergman in Park Spoor Noord in première met Het land Nod. Een voorstelling over de Rubenszaal van het KMSKA, zijn werken, en bovenal de mens die troost en beschutting zoekt in het museum. Nog te zien in Antwerpen tot 23 mei, op tournee tot 4 oktober 2015. 

Some press quotes:

"The FC Bergman theatre-makers and actors set themselves the challenge of telling stories without words, and they succeeded masterfully thanks to ingenious images. The right energy, acrobatics and stillness make for a hilarious and melancholy show. With a mix of poetry, slapstick, cinematic images and their typical anarchistic theatre language, they take the spectators with them in a succession of stories of varying lengths. (...) Like the French film directors in the 1960s, the FC Bergman theatre-makers trigger a new wave on the theatre scene. Parallels include their youthful enthusiasm and innovative language." – Lotte Philipsen in Focus Knack, May 5th 2015

“In this set, in the bare light of eternity, human figures are too small for the task for which life conceived them. This is particularly well illustrated by Stef Aerts who plays a museum employee in grey overalls with a degenerating sense of duty. His folding measuring stick proves too short for the measurements of history. His sledgehammer is too heavy, his ladder too unsteady to cope with the walls of his existence. (…) In this atmospheric, scriptless production FC Bergman measures up to the greats: the mystical naturalism of Romeo Castellucci, the disconsolate absurdism of Christoph Marthaler, and the dancing dynamics of Pina Bausch. And all that gives The Land of Nod visual grandeur” – Wouter Hillaert in De Standaard ***, May 9th 2015

“In The Land of Nod the small naked human being seeks the protection of the huge walls of the museum. This produces some fascinating images, which make even a less stratified FC Bergman show an impressive experience.” – Eveline Coussens in De Morgen ****, May 11th 2015

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