Invisible Cities, participatief publiekswerkingstraject door laatstejaars studenten journalistiek van AP Hogeschool in Antwerpen

In het kader van De welwillenden, de nieuwste voorstelling van Guy Cassiers, vindt een intensief, participatief publiekswerkingstraject plaats onder de titel Invisible Cities. Laatstejaars studenten journalistiek van AP Hogeschool in Antwerpen maken genuanceerde portretten van bewoners van de stad Antwerpen die op een of andere manier geconfronteerd worden met uitsluiting.

"It is easy to be invisible in a city. There is a great variety of people living next to one another, people who often do not know each other. Every citizen has their own life and their own story. We usually do not take the time to consider what our neighbours’ lives are like, where they are at in life, where they come from or what kind of story they might have.

We all have our prejudices and prefer to label people in separate compartments; one is a foreigner, a disabled person, an elderly person, a psychopath, a killer, a racist, an autist, … Thinking in these kind of stereotypes can cause people to feel excluded and left out. Exclusion starts with language and the labelling of people. You are only different if another person regards you as different. And once you have that specific label, it is very difficult to break through the prejudices that come along with it." - Invisible Cities

The portraits are brought together on a digital platform: All the participating cities where the play is to be performed are invited to add portraits so that the portrait gallery grows and has the potential to make the invisible visible at European level.  

Invisible Cities is part of The Littell Project, with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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