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Hannah De Meyer

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Levitations is a landscape of thoughts. It’s a darkroom. It’s a remote cabin in the mountains, and everybody’s silent.
There’s a shaman hypnotizing everybody, until she gets hypnotized herself, and then lies down on the ground like an animal. It’s a party with people dancing. It’s a concert and the lead singer is a young boy. His face is covered in tattoos, and he mumbles in the microphone: ‘this song is dedicated to the strangers who saved our lives’.
You’re warmly invited, to this cabin, and this darkroom, and this party. You’ll hardly find a place as safe as this. Welcome.

Hannah De Meyer creates poetical universes where hope and despair, being and not being, sexuality, love and death rub shoulders. Levitations is a residual space, a gap in time where nothing and everything happens.

"De Meyer avails herself of a vividly written, fairy-tale text full of deep thoughts which she often shares with the audience with a witticism or a wink. In relatively accentless, highly articulated English she envelops the audience in her dream world, in much the same way as she swathes her characters in fabric. A smoke machine called ‘atmosphere’ contributes to the rarefied sphere."


concept, director

  • Hannah De Meyer


  • Hannah De Meyer

light design

  • Peter Missotten


  • Frascati Producties


  • Toneelhuis

thanks to

  • Lut Lievens
  • Jo D’Hoore
  • Daan Couzijn
  • Rik De Meyer
  • Dries Segers
  • Marieke De Zwaan
  • Rosie Sommers

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  1. Wednesday 2 August 2017 — Theater aan Zee, Oostende
  2. Wednesday 2 August 2017 — De Grote Post, Oostende
  3. Thursday 3 August 2017 — Theater aan Zee, Oostende
  4. Thursday 3 August 2017 — De Grote Post, Oostende
  5. Friday 15 September 2017 — 23U00 — V36, De Vrièrestraat 36, Antwerp
  6. Saturday 16 September 2017 — 21U30 — V36, De Vrièrestraat 36, Antwerp
  7. Tuesday 20 March 2018 — 19U00 — Festival Cement, Den Bosch - s Hertogenbosch
  8. Wednesday 21 March 2018 — 17U00 — Festival Cement, Den Bosch - s Hertogenbosch
  9. Thursday 5 July 2018 — BE Festival, Birmingham, Birmingham
  10. Wednesday 21 November 2018 — NTGent - Arca, Gent
  11. Saturday 25 May 2019 — Cambridge Junction, Cambridge

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