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Toneelhuis, Martha!tentatief, Ruud Gielens & Bart Van Nuffelen

A report from the fringes of the city

Every city has this kind of street. A street that funnels traffic in and out of the city. A street where everything that exists separately elsewhere comes all together in a whirl. A street where you don't want to go, but sometimes just have to be.

This is the story of such a street. An overcrowded street. A dreary street. A littered street. A street of loss. A street of arrival. A street of hope. A street with dreams. A street full of hidden beauty. A people street. 

Writer Bart Van Nuffelen and audio-maker Pauline Augustyn wandered along the Bisschoppenhoflaan for months while spring turned into summer, summer into fall. They talked to one hundred residents – and gave the street a voice.

Honderd is a performance by Slongs (Charissa Parassiadis), who tells the stories along with Scale, (Kris Strybos) who also provides the mesmerizing soundscape. Directed by Ruud Gielens.

On 16 June 2024, one hundred residents of the Bisschoppenhoflaan will set foot on the endless plain of the Bourla for a unique theatrical evening. After that, Honderd will tour in Antwerp’s Cultural Centres with Slongs and Scale.
The performance is part of UNLOCK THE CITY!, a European project supported by the European Union's Creative Europe programme.

A project by

  • Ruud Gielens & Bart Van Nuffelen

text and research

  • Bart Van Nuffelen


  • Ruud Gielens


  • Slongs (Charissa Parassiadis)
  • Scale (Kris Strybos)
  • Honderd stedelingen


  • Scale (Kris Strybos)


  • Tim Clement

research and audio

  • Pauline Augustyn


  • Freya Proost


  • Toneelhuis
  • Martha!tentatief

the performance is part of


with the support of

  • Creative Europe: UNLOCK THE CITY!
  • Tax Shelter maatregel v/d Belgische federale overheid via LOOK@LEO

All data

  1. Sunday 16 June 2024 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen Premiere
  2. Saturday 21 September 2024 — 20h00 — De Klap, Deurne
  3. Saturday 5 October 2024 — 9h00 — De Theatergarage, Borgerhout
  4. Thursday 10 October 2024 — 20h00 — CC Schoten, Schoten
  5. Thursday 14 November 2024 — 20h00 — OC Nova, Antwerpen
  6. Saturday 16 November 2024 — 20h00 — Gravenhof, Hoboken
  7. Thursday 28 November 2024 — 20h00 — Rataplan, Borgerhout
  8. Thursday 19 December 2024 — 20h00 — Schouwburg De Kern, Wilrijk

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