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Wordless play 300 el x 50 el x 30 el is back in Antwerp and travels to London

The wordless play 300 el x 50 el x 30 el is back in Antwerp on 23, 24, 25 November 2017 and travels to London from 31 January to 3 February 2018. 

Theatre and film are ingeniously interwoven in this wordless production that follows the inhabitants of a small village community gripped by the fear of an impending disaster – a flood.

What happens inside the houses is captured by a live camera crew and revealed on a large screen. With a number of prominent guest actors, eighty extras and an entire village on stage 300 el x 50 el x 30 el is an experience, a trip. 

“A bombardment of wordless images which compound into a sinister play about a community in the grip of a secret fear.”
- Annette Embrechts in De Volkskrant 

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