Allerlaatste voorstelling van de Musilmarathon!

Op zaterdag 15 december speelt de elfkoppige acteursploeg de marathonvoorstelling van De man zonder eigenschappen in Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg (LU). De voorstelling wordt Frans en Duits boventiteld.

After marathon performances in Brussels (Kunstenfestivaldesarts), Antwerp (Toneelhuis), Amsterdam (Holland Festival) and Amiens (Maison de la Culture), the three parts are now being presented together for the last time in a one-day marathon session in Luxemburg.

Guy Cassiers shows a disintegrating society with this triptych based on the major novel of the same name by Robert Musil. The novel is an ironic and grotesque portrayal of a society – the great Austro-Hungarian Empire – that is dancing on a volcano, without being aware of the impending eruption. Musil proves himself an engineer of the human soul and simultaneously a subtle craftsman who exposes the cogwheels of political and social life for us.

“This marathon says more about our society and our existence than many newspapers and news broadcasts put together.” – Yves Desmet in De Morgen, 26 May 2012

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