Notallwhowanderarelost in Avignon

a roguish dialogue with the French public in the private serenity of a chapel

Als enige Belg werd Benjamin Verdonck uitgenodigd door het Festival van Avignon om er Notallwhowanderarelost te spelen. Het Franse publiek zeilde met de gekleurde driehoeken van Benjamin mee naar het land van verbeelding en gniffelde bij zijn terloops tot hen gerichte blikken.

Some French press quotes :

"Far away from the hustle and bustle of nearby streets, the show presented by Antwerp-born comedian, performer and artist in the Pénitents-blancs Church is a haven of peace and silence. (…) notallwhowanderarelost, a true gem of delicacy and minimal subtlety whose title was borrowed from J.R.R.’s Tolkien Lord of the Rings (Poem of Aragorn), offers nothing less than a acute focus on micro-events. (...) Between apparitions and disappearances, Verdonck never drags on, endlessly recomposing infinitesimal variations on a same theme; knowing that ultimately, everyone can see what they want in these objects. The handcrafted, fragile manipulation voluntarily devoid of virtuosity also consists in exhibiting scraps of phrases stuck onto panels hanging from threads in a spirit close to the Lettrism movement.” - Hugues Le Tanneur in Libération, 13 July 2015

"This show lasting just under an hour is a parenthesis in a life (and an Avignon festival) where everything runs at one hundred miles per hour, where one cannot take time for oneself, to mark a pause, to let one's imagination run wild, to empty one’s mind. " - Avinews, 12 July 2015

"An extraordinary story where contemplation reigns... that of poetry, breadth, and every perception. Benjamin Verdonck does not hold back to meet the other. The audience is happy, charmed at being taken in this unconventional universe boasting a deep and joyous symbolic. " - Julie Lang-Willar in Vaucluse Matin, 13 July 2015

"He pulls the dozens of strings of his own little theatre, great wooden device from which triangles of every shape and pure colour emerge. Verdonck wants to stretch time. His "Ballet de Triangles" requires an incredible dexterity as we see the paintings of Malevich and Rothko move before our eyes. A mute theatre of wonders and humour that teaches us again to look, to "slow down our pleasures", as the poet says. The Avignon public greatly enjoyed this." - Guy Duplat in La Libre Belgique, 13 July 2015

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