Caligula: “Als ik niet kan doden, voel ik me alleen.”

Op de Bourlazolder repeteert Guy Cassiers met Kevin Janssens, Tom Dewispelaere, Johan van Assche, Marc Van Eeghem en Katelijne Damen aan Caligula. Bekijk hier de repetitiebeelden. 

Albert Camus (1913-1960) completed his drama about the cruellest of the Roman emperors just before the Second World War, but it was not performed until after the war. Partly because of wartime events, the play was - not unjustly - interpreted as an indictment of dictatorship and the abuse of power. But Camus' Caligula is also a drama about the devastating existential confrontation with death. 

The patricians in the play are performed by amateur actors. This was arranged as part of the amateurTONEELhuis project in partnership with OPENDOEK.

With Caligula Guy Cassiers continues his quest for the power figure and the ruler.

Caligula: "It’s funny. If I can’t kill, I feel alone. The living are not enough to populate the world and dispel boredom. When you are all there, you make me feel an infinite emptiness which I daren’t so much as look at. I only feel at ease among the bodies of my victims."

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