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Toneelhuis, Hannah De Meyer, e.a.

Hannah De Meyer invites artists, performers, musicians, poets and scientists for a 6-hour happening at V36. Works and practices that in some way resonate with hers.

If you put them all together, what do you get? 
A web of multiple cuts and connections.
A collection of organs 
forming a tender body 
with long tentacles 
that reach out for you.

Full program to be announced in September on

In collaboration with Maika Garnica, Liew Niyomkarn, Koba De Meutter, Hannah De Meyer, Melanie Bonajo, Sietske Van Aerde, Azahara Ubera, Julia Dyck, Lara Brown, Jacobin, Lieze Roels, Rosa Lambert and Dina Dooreman.


  • Hannah De Meyer
  • e.a.

in collaboration with

  • Dina Dooreman
  • Koba De Meutter
  • Liew Niyomkarn
  • Lieze Roels
  • Maika Garnica
  • Melanie Bonajo
  • Rosa Lambert
  • Sietske Van Aerde


  • Batia Suter


  • Toneelhuis

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  1. Saturday 21 September 2019 — 17h00 — V36, De Vrièrestraat 36, Antwerpen

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