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Benjamin Verdonck is showing his art at L’échangeur (FR)

Unique exhibition: Cadeaux d'anniversaire et autres choses

It’s not every day that you get a chance to see Benjamin Verdonck’s visual work in combination with his theatre work. The C'est comme ça ! festival at L’Echangeur in Château-Thierry, near Paris, thought up an exciting way of introducing its (young) audience to both at the same time. In addition to performing Liedje voor Gigi, Benjamin is presenting a random selection from his collections and recent small works of art in a unique exhibition titled Cadeaux d’anniversaire et autres choses. 

Verdonck is showing three works on this occasion:

Les cadeaux d’anniversaires (1995-2019)
“In 2016, we moved to Kapellen. When I was packing up my studio, I realized that I still had a present from almost every birthday since 1995 (when I was 23).”

Kapellen (ongoing)
“Since I have been living in Kapellen, the living room is my studio and immediately also the starting point of this collection, which derives from what happens in the direct vicinity of my worktable.”

Collection de ballons de foot joués à l’au-delà (2009)
From Verdonck's collection of worn-out soccer balls 

The exhibition at L’échangeur (an old cake factory!) runs from Saturday the 21st of September throughout the entire festival until it ends on the 19th of October. 

On Saturday 21 September, Benjamin performed Liedje voor Gigi and the exhibition was officially opened, marking the start of the festival. 

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