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Radio Toneelhuis: Pleasure

Hannah De Meyer leest haar nieuwe tekst, Pleasure, en mixt de tekst met bezwerende muziek.

What is pleasure?
Pleasure is joy, laughter, humour, coming together, 
caring for people, feeling deeply cared for by others, 
tenderness, physicality in many forms, dancing, singing, touching, being touched, or not being touched,
just lying down, touching your insides
maybe it’s not with your fingers
maybe it’s just lying down feeling how you feel.

It might be sexual, like orgasms
it might activate your body, waking it up
or it might be releasing, release into rest
or it might be something that’s both, an energising release, like a volcano that erupts.

It’s a pleasure to be in spaces that nurture
support to relax and sleep,
relax and cry,
relax and play, relax and taste, relax and smell.

Pleasure is related to minds in a state of release: orgasmic release, sleep release, dream release.
I take great pleasure in visceral ways of thinking, intuitive, associative, feral.
Info embedded in your cells, muscle memory that awakens.
Ways of thinking that happen when you inhabit your body safely.
When you move like you were born to move, and think from the gut, and speak from the gut.

Pleasure is when your body feels good and gorgeous and tasty and other people feel good and
gorgeous and tasty and you all move like you were born to move.

You know, the good stuff.

Beluister hier vanaf 20u de tiende aflevering van Radio Toneelhuis: Pleasure van Hannah De Meyer.