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What inspires the new generation of Antwerp citizens? In I Hate Mondays young artists from the city take to the stage and invite along their heroes: musicians, speakers, thinkers and makers. 

Each edition is curated by a different group.

Our cities have become the globalized world’s contact zones. They are where we meet in all of our differences, where we are continually obliged to ‘translate’ ourselves. ‘Lost in translation’ would be a good way of describing our urban condition. As a society, this poses countless difficulties and challenges for us; but it also creates unexpected possibilities – and we certainly do not want to withhold them from you!

I Hate Mondays is a series of Monday evenings on which young poets, rappers, dancers, singers take over the Bourla stage. These young people are brought together by LevelUp, a collaboration between the Kavka youth centre and Toneelhuis.



  • LevelUp, Toneelhuis & Kavka

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