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Toneelhuis and Cinema zuid are joining forces for a new series of fascinating discussions with leading theatre-makers and actors from Toneelhuis about the thrilling relationship between theatre and film, the laws of the profession and the transition from performing live to the big screen. Of course all this will be peppered with personal anecdotes.

This season we are showing films chosen by the following:

Katelijne Damen (Oct. 8th), Charlotte Vandermeersch (Nov. 5th), Matteo Simoni (Dec.10th), Marc Van Eeghem (Jan. 14th), Marie Vinck (Feb.18th), Tom Dewispelaere (Mar.11th) and Benjamin Verdonck (Ap. 22nd).



  • Matteo Simoni
  • Marie Vinck
  • Charlotte Vandermeersch
  • Tom Dewispelaere
  • Katelijne Damen
  • Marc Van Eeghem
  • Benjamin Verdonck

All data

There are no upcoming activities for this event.

  1. Thursday 11 October 2012 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  2. Monday 19 November 2012 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  3. Tuesday 4 December 2012 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  4. Tuesday 15 January 2013 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  5. Tuesday 19 February 2013 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  6. Tuesday 26 March 2013 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  7. Tuesday 8 October 2013 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  8. Tuesday 5 November 2013 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  9. Tuesday 10 December 2013 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  10. Tuesday 14 January 2014 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  11. Tuesday 18 February 2014 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  12. Tuesday 11 March 2014 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen
  13. Tuesday 22 April 2014 — Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen

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