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Het Bos en Benjamin

Toneelhuis, Benjamin Verdonck

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Four weekends featuring a variety of programmes with new friends: musicians, peep shows, the Bos bar, cabinet of curiosities, food and tabletop theatre.
Four weekends in a row, you can meet old and new friends and enjoy a varied programme featuring musicians, peep shows, the Bos bar, a cabinet of curiosities, food and tabletop theatre.
Toneelhuis and Het Bos invite you to gather around over the course of four weekends and see a selection of the strings-and-things work that Benjamin Verdonck has brought into the world in the past few years. The programme promises a variety of full-evening entertainment with old and new friends in unusual tête-à-têtes: musicians and peep shows, the Bos bar and
tabletop theatre, food and cabinet-of-curiosity wonders, and so much more.

a changing constellation
of what I’ve made in recent years
sometimes just the way it always was
sometimes like it’s never been before
more elaborate, much shorter,
with a different musician, my father,
a new script and strings,
always strings

With a sense of adventure, Het Bos and Benjamin are programming a number of new challenges for this repertoire of mobile theatre, nestling his peep and tabletop shows in and around the walls of Het Bos: one more thing (2014), Liedje voor Gigi (2018), Down the
rabbit hole
(2022), Regenboog (2021), Waldeinsamkeit (2018), Continuum (2021), Modern Love Walz (2020) and Gille leert lezen (2016) are back again after a long time, but also notallwhowanderarelost (2014) and wewillivestorm (2006). And who knows how many
surprises are yet to come...


by and with

  • Benjamin Verdonck


  • Toneelhuis
  • Het Bos

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  1. Thursday 19 May 2022 — 20h00 — Het Bos, Antwerpen
  2. Friday 20 May 2022 — 20h00 — Het Bos, Antwerpen
  3. Saturday 21 May 2022 — 14h00 — Het Bos, Antwerpen
  4. Sunday 22 May 2022 — 14h00 — Het Bos, Antwerpen

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