"We can all become camp butchers"

Lessons from Auschwitz: insights of Guy Cassiers (Toneelhuis) and Christophe Buch (Kazerne Dossin)

“I’m a little afraid, to be quite honest,” says Toneelhuis director Guy Cassiers. We are standing under the iconic sign ‘Arbeit macht frei’ (Work sets you free) that hangs

above the entrance gate to Auschwitz concentration camp. “There’s nothing wrong with that,” says Christophe Busch, director of the Kazerne Dossin in Mechelen, Belgium, from where 25,800 Jews were deported to the camp. “Looking in the mirror isn’t a self-evident thing to do in this place.”

Read the whole article (Yves Desmet in HUMO, March 8th 2016)

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