Van den vos speelt in Berlijn!

Op 26 juni heeft FC Bergman de eer om met de Duitstalige versie van Van den vos Foreign Affairs te openen, een festival georganiseerd door de gerenommeerde Berliner Festspiele.

An excerpt from the script:


How in the name of god are we going to keep the country on the right track, when we can’t even command respect for the law, when there’s no respect for common morality?


Is morality common? I’ll have to think about that.


You’re putting me on.


There was a time, my dear fellow – when, as we like to say, animals still could speak – that the worth or worthlessness of a deed was judged by its consequences. Neither the deed itself nor its origins were taken into account. If the consequences of a deed were good, then it had been a good deed; if the consequences were bad, then the deed had been bad. Period.

And then somebody cried – much too loudly, by the way – Know Thyself! And suddenly there was an intention behind every deed and the worth of that deed was no longer measured by its consequences, but by its intention. What an inversion of perspectives!

There will be an opportunity to see the show at deSingel in Antwerp from September 4th to 7th as part of Het Theaterfestival 2014.


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