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Toneelhuis Invites Applications for Position of Artistic Director

Toneelhuis, the largest municipal theatre in Flanders, is a meeting place for exceptional artists, artistic disciplines and varied audiences. In the historic Bourla Theatre in the centre of Antwerp, Toneelhuis accommodates a wide variety of theatre-makers who create contemporary and innovative work with international allure. Their artistic diversity reflects the multitude of positions that characterize today’s society.

Toneelhuis operates in the broad field of the arts and wants to continue dedicating itself to internationally trendsetting productions in the future. At the same time, as a municipal theatre, Toneelhuis wants more than ever to include the city in its activities, by focusing on urbanism and diversity in all of its aspects through projects made in collaboration with various partners in Antwerp and in dialogue with a broad and varied audience.
Toneelhuis is subsidized by the Flemish Community and the City of Antwerp.

Toneelhuis is looking for an artistic director

At the end of 2021, Guy Cassiers will conclude his mandate as artistic director after 15 years of service.
The directorate of Toneelhuis consists of an artistic director and an administrative director. Together they share final responsibility for the artistic as well as the business policy of Toneelhuis.


The artistic director

  • conceives, formulates and implements the mission and artistic course of Toneelhuis.
  • draws up, in consultation with the administrative director, the policy plan to this end for the Flemish government.
  • has final responsibility for the artistic programme.
  • acts on behalf of Toneelhuis in initiating collaborative efforts, projects and productions with artists, both in the Bourla and elsewhere.
  • generates and maintains good contacts with municipal, Flemish and international stakeholders.
  • heads up the artistic team and, together with the administrative director, leads a team of some 90 personnel.
  • reports and is accountable to the Board of Directors.

For this position, Toneelhuis is seeking an artistic personality with a vision of the importance of the arts in a changing society full of diversity.


  • You have relevant artistic experience and the ability to implement your artistic vision within the organization.
  • You have an international network within the arts.
  • You have strong social and communicative skills that enable you to develop and maintain formal and informal contacts with artists, personnel, agencies, organizations, external partners and government authorities.
  • You have an affinity with the aims formulated in the Toneelhuis mission.
  • You are multilingual, and have a good knowledge of Dutch by the time of the formal starting date.


  • Together with the administrative director, you are in charge of a renowned theatre based in Antwerp that is held in high international regard.
  • You may fulfil this multifaceted and varied position as you see fit.
  • The formal starting date for the new artistic director is 1/9/2021. On 1/1/2020, preparatory work on the policy plan for 2022-2026 starts.
  • Toneelhuis offers the new artistic director a full-time mandate contract with a term of five years, which may be renewed once.


Submit an application with your CV and a description of the important aspects of your vision of the future for the role of Toneelhuis as a municipal theatre (2-4 pages) no later than Friday 6 September 2019 to Johan Swinnen, chair:
A preliminary selection will be made from the applications that are submitted. The procedure for candidates that have been selected may include a presentation, an oral interview with the jury and an assessment of potential.   

More information:  
Johan Swinnen, chair:
Klaartje Heiremans, administrative director:

The submitted applications will be handled discreetly.
We actively support equal opportunity and diversity. Your qualifications are more important than age, sex, handicap or origin.