“Moorddadige Caligula blijkt akelig actueel”

Donderdag ging Caligula in première in de Bourla. De voorstelling is nog op tournee in België en Nederland  t.e.m. 16 december 2015. Een greep uit de recensies:

De Standaard  ****: Guantanámo on Stage at the Bourla
“With Caligula, Guy Cassiers continues his exploration of power and the ruler. His question: How far is resistance allowed to go? And how do we deal with that …? Kevin Janssens visibly enjoys his role as the dreaded absolute ruler of Rome. This is his moment of glory as a Toneelhuis actor, and he seizes it with both hands.… More and more, Cassiers is becoming a classical repertoire director. And that’s good for his theatre.… This Caligula is not only a terribly fascinating play, but above all an explosive performance.” – Wouter Hillaert, 21 November 2015


De Volkskrant ****: Murderous Caligula Proves Horribly Contemporary
“Director Guy Cassiers didn’t plan it as precisely as all that, of course, but Camus' play certainly is very fitting for these times…. Cassiers fascinates for two hours with this interesting but also difficult material. Difficult, because for a large part Caligula is a play about issues, full of philosophical reflections and discussions in which the characters try to get the better of one another. And where that doesn’t happen, (mass)murder, rape and humiliation are going on…. Nevertheless, Cassiers manages to create a fine balance between gripping discourse and nervous action, while also occasionally providing a breath of fresh air with witty passages. And the acting is good. Kevin Janssens is a Caligula with the air of a rock star, tightly strung and clear-headed in his reasoning. Friends from the past, such as his mistress Caesonia (Katelijne Damen), oscillate between terror and repulsion on the one hand and affection and recognition on the other, as does his outspoken opponent, Cherea (Johan Van Assche). Also giving a nicely multi-layered performance is Tom Dewispelaere as the servant, Helicon.” – Karin Veraart, 21 November 2015


De Morgen ****1/2: Weirdo with a Mission
Caligula is an oppressive play about the perversity of the abuse of power and of ideals that have gone awry. Its relevance for our times is obvious …. Dramatically, Caligula, Scipio and Cherea form a golden triangle. These two men are the only ones who dare to verbally contest Caligula. This results in wonderful dialogues that will delight lovers of text theatre…. The dramatic flow is impressive. The same can be said of the individual performances of Katelijne Damen, Tom Dewispelaere, Johan Van Assche, Nico Sturm and especially Kevin Janssens, who surpasses himself with his multi-layered interpretation of an unrestrained despot.” – Jan De Smet, 23 November 2015


“And although Kevin Janssens also stands out for his acting, he has met his match in Katelijne Damen. She gives shape to a complex character in her role of Caesonia.” – Sascha Siereveld, 20 November 2015

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