La néta del Senyor Linh

La néta del Senyor Linh

The Catalan Linh on tour in Spain

After the creation in September 2017 of Monsieur Linh and his child with Koen De Sutter, and in March 2018 of the French version, La petite fille de monsieur Linh with Jérôme Kircher as Mr. Linh, Guy Cassiers launched two international re-creations of this production in the 2018-2019 season: in English with actor Jules Werner and in Catalan and Spanish with actor LLuis Homar.

The Catalan version could already be seen in Girona and Barcelona in 2018, and is now going on an extensive tour in Spain!

A selection from the Spanish press:

"A beautiful and sad fable [...] Philippe Claudel's words came gently to us, with the breaks wisely measured." - Marcos Ordóñez, El País 

"Lluís Homar has done it again. Only he represents all the parts of a fable that reveals to us a world of the sound card that he himself draws live." - Josep Maria Fonalleras, El Periódico 

"It's a touching story, a story that needs to be told in privacy." - Santi Fondevila, Ara 

"A sad and beautiful metaphor of our days." - Andreu Gomila, Time Out 

"Between Claudel, Cassiers, Homar, Mr. Linh, his granddaughter and Mr. Bark, they manage to reduce any distance in a delicate jewel of a poetic flight." - José Carlos Sorribes, El Periódico 

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