Give culture the green light!


The Bourla turns green until Friday 5 March! Along with all Belgian cultural institutions, Toneelhuis is calling on our politicians to reopen the cultural sector. Give culture the green light!

Culture is essential to the human wellbeing. Without culture there is no society. Audiences are pining for experiences and for that all-important feeling of togetherness. The cultural sector has proven that it can work safely: every link in this rich and varied field – actors, musicians, educational employees, organisers, technicians, designers, … – is ready to create a safe context for the audience to enjoy their artistic creations in.

Therefore, a call to our politicians: make this safe, controlled form of freedom and enjoyment possible again. Give culture the green light! As with our Red Alert action in August, this time we call on every cultural institute in Flanders and Brussels, as well as our colleagues in Wallonia, to bathe their buildings in green light.