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Benjamin Verdonck in galerij Annie Gentils met AFTER THE GOLDRUSH

In de Antwerpse galerie Annie Gentils opent op 18 oktober 2015 een nieuwe tentoonstelling met werk van Guy Rombouts & Benjamin Verdonck. Visueel kunstenaar Rombouts is altijd al gefascineerd geweest door de spanning tussen een woordvorm – de letters – en de inhoud. Verdonck toont zelf ook nieuw werk en opent de tentoonstelling met een performance om 17 uur.

Under the title TOT-, INTEGR- EN HELEMAAL (Total, Integral and All) Guy Rombouts is steadily pursuing his quest for a more expressive alphabet than the one we use now. With his alternative visual language called 'AZART' he allocates not only lines and forms to letters, but also sounds and colours, so that they speak to us aurally and sensitively as well as visually.

Since the beginning of 2015 Benjamin Verdonck has been working on a new action cycle in the public space entitled EVEN I MUST UNDERSTAND IT: "With my work I want to punch holes in the 'reality’ to which we seem to be subjected because we think it is fundamentally unchanged. I start from images or situations which I rebuild into an artwork, into a temporary monument or wry joke. I see my work as an instrument, a tool to engineer something, in this case a social sculpture: the fact that people come together, talk, have opinions and disagree, raises the question: what shall we do?".

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