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season 2022-2023

Fearless and full of expectation, we are presenting our brand new season, in which we celebrate theatre as a living medium. And when we say life, we mean falling down and getting back up again, clashing and colliding, playing around and reaching for the stars.

We love the large stage more than ever. The theatrical imagination. The grand gesture. And we warmly open our doors to everyone. Season 2022-2023 marks the start of a new artistic team made up of five resident theatre makers and collectives: FC Bergman, Olympique Dramatique, Gorges Ocloo, Lisaboa Houbrechts and Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe. In addition to that, each year we will be offering space and resources to other artists. In the new season, they are Naomi Velissariou, Jaouad Alloul, tg STAN and Jozef Wouters. 

Come and meet our new theatre makers during a grand opening weekend on Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October. After that, expect a festive premiere every month, as well as many reprisals and guest performances. Furthermore, we are presenting three festivals, respectively in September, March and May. More information on those to follow at a later date.

Discover the programme for 2022-2023!


Vijand van het Volk Theatre 13 October 2022 until 5 February 2023

Vijand van het Volk

Toneelhuis / Olympique Dramatique

Ibsen’s wry comedy An Enemy of the People evokes searingly topical echoes of recent environmental scandals close to home. Beneath a dispute over a matter of public interest, a personal battle between two brothers is brewing. 

Atropa Theatre 10 November 2022 until 13 November 2022


Toneelhuis / Theater Utrecht / Orkater / Stichting Naomi Velissariou

An intersectional tragedy set to techno and trap. A theatrical bacchanal, a Prada slaughterhouse. Lanoye’s Atropa the way it was meant to be: a linguistic celebration set to music, in honour of contemporary gods.

Venus in Libra Theatre 15 December 2022 until 23 December 2022

Venus in Libra

Toneelhuis / Jaouad Alloul

In the nightclub ‘The Last Mermaid’, the creatures of the night let their true selves come out. But the many bells and whistles hide a deep malaise. A dangerously swinging theatrical experience, a chaotic punk queer concert.

Ode to a Love Lost Theatre 19 January 2023 until 29 January 2023

Ode to a Love Lost

Toneelhuis / Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

Dance performance by multi-artist Meirhaeghe. Two themes: his own body, influenced by Western ideals of beauty, and a lost love. Starting from a dual relation with the norm, he literally moves toward liberation. 

Grandpa Puss; or how God disappeared Theatre 9 February 2023 until 12 February 2023

Grandpa Puss; or how God disappeared

laGeste / Toneelhuis / Lisaboa Houbrechts

A girl dives into the hidden traumas of the past. How does violence in intimate circles relate to the historical violence in society? A large-scale intergenerational story about a familial nervous breakdown, between theatre and opera. 

About Elly Theatre 9 March 2023 until 15 March 2023

About Elly

tg STAN / Toneelhuis / de Roovers / Theater Antigone

A show about doubt, friendship, honour and betrayal, after the similarly named film by Iranian cineaste Asghar Farhadi (A Separation). By and with twelve actors from different generations and backgrounds: Iraqi, Iranian, Dutch, Belgian, Kazakhs and Afghan.

The Golden Stool Theatre 27 April 2023 until 30 April 2023

The Golden Stool

Toneelhuis / LOD muziektheater / Gorges Ocloo

An AfrOpera by Gorges Ocloo which blends Western Classical opera repertoire into a highly rhythmical, dynamic soundtrack.

A Day is a Hundred Years Theatre 18 May 2023 until 20 May 2023

A Day is a Hundred Years

Damaged Goods / Toneelhuis / Jozef Wouters

Does a space always have to be built? Can you simply hum a window? Whistle a door? A temporary garden made of light sketches, quick assemblages and short poems that seek to remember and pass on experience.


Indoor Weather Theatre 13 September 2022 until 14 September 2022

Indoor Weather

Toneelhuis / Bosse Provoost / Ezra Veldhuis

A site-specific production in a theatre, with the theatre itself as performer and the actors as extras. Man and machine are engaged in a mysterious game. What or who influences who or what?

Operette Theatre 16 September 2022 until 17 September 2022


Toneelhuis / Timeau De Keyser / tibaldus

Costume changes lie at the heart of this lighthearted, passionate operetta by Gombrowicz. Distrust your clothes! Question your costume!

53 Suns Performance 19 September 2022 until 20 September 2022

53 Suns

Toneelhuis / Hannah De Meyer

An effervescent show. A whirlpool. Or is it a hole? Is it alive? Or is it very, very, very dead?

A Revue Theatre 25 October 2022 until 26 October 2022

A Revue

d e t h e a t e r m a k e r / Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

A sublimely spectacular happening, somewhere between a decadent fashion show, a queer cabaret and a shamanistic fertility ritual.

Madrigals Theatre 29 October 2022 until 30 October 2022


Muziektheater Transparant / d e t h e a t e r m a k e r / Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

Every lover is a warrior. With utopian enthusiasm, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe stages Monteverdi’s Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi.

I Silenti Theatre 17 November 2022 until 18 November 2022

I Silenti

Toneelhuis / Théâtre de Namur / Lisaboa Houbrechts / Fabrizio Cassol / Tcha Limberger

Fabrizio Cassol recomposed Monteverdi’s madrigals for the Roma musician Tcha Limberger as a homage to everyone who has been silenced. 

Bruegel Theatre 19 November 2022 until 20 November 2022


Toneelhuis / Lisaboa Houbrechts

Dulle Griet (Mad Meg) transports you into the past. Visually stunning theatre with a wealth of new ideas.

The Butcher Theatre 3 December 2022 until 4 December 2022

The Butcher

LOD muziektheater / Gorges Ocloo

The butcher/father (Josse De Pauw) tries to survive in an occupied Flanders in 2070 in this swinging musical theatre production with images of Biblical proportions.

De verse tijd Theatre 25 September 2022

De verse tijd

Toneelhuis / Dood Paard / Mokhallad Rasem / Kuno Bakker

A search by two wayward spirits for common ground.

Homemade Theatre 25 September 2022


Toneelhuis / Dood Paard / Mokhallad Rasem / Kuno Bakker

Mokhallad Rasem and Kuno Bakker are building a place where they can live together. Where do they feel at home? And how are they going to agree?

Looking for habibi Theatre 25 September 2022

Looking for habibi

Toneelhuis / Dood Paard / Mokhallad Rasem / Kuno Bakker / Janneke Remmers

In their third collaboration, Mokhallad Rasem and Kuno Bakker zoom in on love – whether personal, philosophical, passionate or universal – looking for desire, fulfilment and unconditionality.


De Störm Theatre 17 February 2023 until 19 February 2023

De Störm

Tutti Fratelli / Jan Sobrie