season 2022-2023

Fearless and full of expectation, we are presenting our brand new season, in which we celebrate theatre as a living medium. And when we say life, we mean falling down and getting back up again, clashing and colliding, playing around and reaching for the stars.

We love the large stage more than ever. The theatrical imagination. The grand gesture. And we warmly open our doors to everyone. Season 2022-2023 marks the start of a new artistic team made up of five resident theatre makers and collectives: FC Bergman, Olympique Dramatique, Gorges Ocloo, Lisaboa Houbrechts and Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe. In addition to that, each year we will be offering space and resources to other artists. In the new season, they are Naomi Velissariou, Jaouad Alloul, tg STAN and Jozef Wouters. 

Come and meet our new theatre makers during a grand opening weekend on Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October. After that, expect a festive premiere every month, as well as many reprisals and guest performances. Furthermore, we are presenting three festivals, respectively in September, March and May. More information on those to follow at a later date.

Discover the programme for 2022-2023!


A Day is a Hundred Years Theatre 18 May 2023 until 20 May 2023

A Day is a Hundred Years

Damaged Goods / Toneelhuis

How do you fall asleep? How can you adjure the night? Let go of your fears and embrace the possibilities of the dark? Stop lying awake with your mind blinded by rays of thoughts, but get up and take a walk in the shadows?


Who's Tupac? Theatre 23 March 2023 until 24 March 2023

Who's Tupac?

KVS / NNT / Jr.cE.sA.r

THUG’s out there! Who’s the greatest? Who’s the baddest? Who’s Tupac? Bring on your A-game for this talent show in search of the next Makaveli! Four candidates, one MC and for two hours “all eyez on you”.