Romeo & Julia (Romeo and Juliet)

That crazy little thing called love! Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet inspires an unusual ode to love, which in the hands of director Mokhallad Rasem, transcends barriers such as age and different cultures. 

Romeo & Julia - photo Frieke Janssens

That crazy little thing called love! Romantic love is a universal theme. Every culture and every era has its own Romeo and Juliet story. By means of poetry from east and west, director Mokhallad Rasem together with three times two actors/ dancers of different ages and from different cultural backgrounds, goes in search of what makes love so timeless and ubiquitous.

On stage are three couples – two children, two young adults and an older couple. Are they three generations? Or the same couple at three different stages of their lives? They express what they feel for each other through poetry, music and dance.